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Ivo is a tiny cloth doll. He stands at around 7" tall without his hat. His body is made from Japanese shot cotton and legs are made from Liberty Tana Lawn cotton. He is stuffed with wool roving and armature wire in his arms. His arms are attached to the body with buttonless joints of linen thread. His face is hand embroidered.

Ivo's shorts have a sewn in jerkin and felt collar and I do not recommend removing them. His hat is removable. His pants are made from waffle fabric and his linen jerkin and felt collar have tiny buttons. His hat is made from soft wool felt with a little felt flower attached with florist wire, making it gently pose-able.

Tiny dolls are delicate and not intended as toys for children.

Each PinkyMinky Doll is one of a kind. They are carefully handmade with skill and love. Genuine PinkyMinky dolls have a heart on one paw and a star on the other.

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